New Program!!!


 Jumpstart your fitness goals with Body4 by KOR. Our exclusive new fitness program offers 4 weekly, hour-long workouts. One-on-one with a trainer the program progresses and changes along with your total body transformation. Nutrition plays a key element in all of this. Our nutritionist can design the right diet for your body type. 

This is not personal training. If you're ready to recondition your body then Body4 is the right choice. Contact Jen today to see if you're ready! 

Body 4

Hello, check this deal out!

Get 1 month of Body4 for only $299

$299 for 16, one-on-one, hour-long training sessions for less than $20 a session. You cannot beat that deal anywhere!  Here's the fine print... you have to use all 16 sessions in 1 month. That's 4 schedule appointments a week for 1 month. If you want TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION then you have to stick the the scheduled program. You have to be committed. There are no carry-overs. You can reschedule an appointment for another day in the week if needed. Each day of the week is broken up into Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Total Body Training. Call or text Jen at 862-377-4487 for more information.