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Download our latest group fitness schedule. All classes on this schedule are included in a gym + classes membership. 



Change is good! Let's make change together.  The Kor FItness Challenge is a 3 month  commitment that will produce results if you stick with it.   You'll be rewarded for your success with fabulous prizes. 

Select 1 of 3 different types of challenges. 

The Ultimate Challenge:   In this challenge you are eligible for 4 weekly Body4 workouts with a personal trainer as well as a nutrition plan using the O.N.E. program. Meet with your trainer 4x per week for an hour-long total-body workout. Different workouts every session and progressively intensify. In addition, our nutritionist will personalize a nutrition plan just for you. Your nutrition plan will be easy-to-follow, and includes online access to your nutritionist for any advice or encouragement you need.  $299/month 

The O.N.E. Challenge:  Meet with our nutritionist who will personalize a nutrition plan just for you.  You will have online access to your nutritionist with an easy to follow customized nutrition program. $99/month

Team Challenge: Grab 3 to 5 friends and work together as a team to meet your goal.  Team One-Time Entry: $100

How it works: Pick a challenge and call or text Jen (862-377-4487) to sign up. Schedule your Body4 Training sessions by choosing a timeslot. You will train with either with Jen or Danielle.  For the nutrition, Trish English will contact you and set up an evaluation meeting.  On March 2nd, you will weigh-in, get measurements and take your before photos. The persons who makes the most change in the 3 months, determine by % loss and measurement change,  will win the grand prize.  

Everyone who signs up for the challenge will have access to our closed Facebook group that will provide daily motivation, recipes and inspiration.  You will also receive a  special-edition  water bottle and Kor Fitness t-shirt. 

This is a 3 month obligation. This challenge ends May 31st. The winners will be announced on that day. 


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Kor Fitness has the leading group fitness center in West Milford for over 10 years. Our gym instructors and personal trainers will educate and motivate and will keep you coming back for more.  

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At Kor Fitness, we are family. Together we lift and strengthen each other. No judging, no competition. We aim to bring out your best while having fun along the way. 

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If your goal is to move, strengthen, revitalize and have fun with friends, then we're your gym.  We are the top fitness center in town for group fitness. Top notch personal trainers are on staff too. 

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